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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Excitement And Chaos!

We are moving to Sweden on 11th September (once I have booked the plane tickets which is on my to-do list!!)  We are moving to be with my fiance, Alessandro.  We met on the internet which I know some people frown upon, but it worked for us!  We spent hours every night talking on skype/msn, and then at Easter we went over to Sweden to meet him and his family. We just got on so well, right from the word 'go', just as we had done online.

He has fab twin boys who are 12 years old, and the girls and I got on so well with them, once they had the confidence to speak in English!  They are very clever boys, speaking Swedish, English and Italian very well. Alessandro is Italian and they lived in Italy when they were younger, and so are now trilingual!

Alessandro's Mum also lives with them and seems really nice, although communication was tricky as she only speaks Italian, so there was quite a bit of sign language between us!  So, not only will be learning Swedish, but Italian too!!!

Anyhow, the removal company is booked, so we are busy clearing things out!  I have lost count of how much 'stuff' we have thrown out, and how many trips to the tip I have made! There is something theraputic about having a clear-out.  We have lived in this house for 10 years, so we have 10 years worth of 'stuff' and believe me, I am a hoarder!!! The girls are having clear-outs in their bedrooms too, and they are discovering things that they had completely forgotten about!

We are trying to be very selective about what we take, but it is very hard as I get very sentimentally attached to things!  How many pictures that the girls did for me did I have?? Tonnes!!!  So, I have had to choose which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of :(

So, I am getting pretty stressed and feel that I am going to run out of time to get everything done! But, it is also very very exciting!  Am on a bit of a roller coaster with my emotions - excitement one minute, and then stress the next!  It will also be hard to leave our family and friends, but we will definitely be keeping in touch and coming back to visit. And everyone is welcome to come and visit us (but obviously not all at the same time!!)

So, here is a map of where we are moving to- Sundsvall - it is going to be very cold in winter, with lots of snow, but that also means lots of skiing!!!


Neverland Scraps said...

I can't believe it is getting closer to the time you will be moving!! I wish you all the best of luck with the move and that it be a smooth transition for the girls.

Wow, trilingual!! That's amazing! I can't imagine speaking another language, even though I plan on teaching the girls French this year! :O But three languages, oh keeping them straight! I have a hard time with just English! LOL

As far as the girls artwork, what I've learned with all of our military moves is to take photos of the girls artwork so that you always have it with you, even though the original is in the trash.

Good luck with the move!
If you need anything just give us a shout ((hugs))

Tronesia said...

Aww Joy!!! I saw you posted your link at DST. I am so happy for you! I can only imagine the excitement. Wish you all the very very best and happy and safe time moving!

aslansavz said...

I was going to also suggest taking photos of the artwork so you still have a copy of it! Good luck!

Psst..and the naysayers...just them them :P I met my husband online in 1996, and we're about to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary next week!

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